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Drinking Water Supply in Developing Countries.

Project Description


Although in July 2010 the United Nations recognized the Right to Water as a Human Right to be included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, there are still around 783 million people without access to safe drinking water. The availability of drinking water is not only a basic human need but also a necessary pre-condition for any social and economic development. Between 2, 2 and 5 million people, mainly children, die each year in developing countries from diseases that are transmitted through the lack of  clean water, through poor sanitation and low hygienic conditions. A poor drinking water supply inhibits the optimal functioning of productive forces and thus exacerbates the poverty situation.



In the International Year of Water Cooperation (UN Resolution A/RES/65/154) Fairventures leads an open and non-profit ortiented research project on drinking water. The project is conducted in close cooperation with the “Water Resource Management” program of the University of Applied Forest Sciences Rottenburg and with the financial and professional support of Mörk Water Solutions that sells decentralized seawater desalination plants. Under the working title “Local and remote drinking water supply in developing countries” we analyze the economic sustainability and the social performance (access to water on the basis of socially compatible water prices) of the operation models of local drinking water suppliers in remote areas. Particular focus will be placed on the interaction of private, government and civil society actors. The results of the analysis will be presented in the summer of 2013 in a public workshop. Entrepreneurs as well as NGOs could then use the results as a benchmark for a sustainable and social responsible distribution of drinking water.


Project Activities:

  • Wordlwilde identification operator models on local and remote drinking water supply
  • Analysis of the long term economic sustainability and social performance of the operator models (access to water with socially compatible water prices)
  • Presentation of results and awareness raising about the topic in a public workshop


Project Duration:

March 2013 – October 2013


Financing of this Project:

Mörk Water Solutions

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