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Agroforestry Systems & Vocational Training Uganda

Project Description

Uganda is one of the world’s least developed countries with a young and rapidly growing population. More than 80% of the population is employed in the agricultural sector and thus dependent on natural resources. Every year, an additional 400.000 young people join the labor market, many of them in the agricultural sector due to a lack of alternatives. At the same time, the forested area has been halved over the last 25 years, partly because more than 90% of Ugandans use fuelwood for cooking. This environmental degradation threatens soil fertility in Uganda and has negative effects on livelihoods.

Fairventures Worldwide currently supports three vocational schools in Western Uganda to establish agroforestry trainings. Under this program, 150 students shall be equipped with knowledge on how they can earn a living through planting trees and other plants in agroforestry systems, preserve and improve the quality of the soil. Alongside the development of the training module, the schools receive support to establish nurseries and demonstration fields, so they are able to also conduct practical trainings and support their students with seedlings. St Simon Peter’s Vocational Training College in Hoima District, the project manager, shall be supported to become a centre for excellence in this field.

These skilled with support from their schools shall be able to achieve sustainable incomes from agroforestry while at the same time contributing to the country’s reforestation efforts.

Project Duration

09/2018 – 8/2019

Overall Budget

47.481,50,- €

Project Partner

  • Kasese Youth Polytechnic, Kasese Municipality, Uganda
  • Simon Peter’s Vocational Training Centre, Hoima Municipality, Uganda
  • Holy Dove Vocational School, Kasese, Uganda

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