Planting Trees – Protecting the Rainforest

One of the central assumptions of 1 Million Trees is that farmers with sufficient income are able to engage in forest protection. This assumption is based on the observation that traditionally the relationship between humankind and forests in Borneo used to be balanced. Only in the 20th century, as the local population grew and more and more people from the outside moved in, the pressure, exerted by logging and palm oil plantations, increased and communities had to satisfy higher demand with less forest. Only in this situation, communities were forced to draw upon the forest beyond its capacities.

1 Million Trees will eventually guarantee this income for the communities. It is very nice to see that our assumptions have been proven to be valid even today. In anticipation of the income from the 1 Million Trees plantings, the community in Tehang decided to protect an area of more than 100 hectares.

In this forest, no timber will be logged, and other activities such as the collection of fruit and hunting are strictly limited and only allowed at certain times. This process signifies great progress and can become a model for other villages in the program area.

The team of 1 Million Trees will support the community in Tehang to receive official recognition for this protected area.

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