Sustainable Empowerment of Local Actors in Reforestation-focused Climate Change Mitigation (SEARCH)

Project Description

Fairventures Worldwide (FVW) is implementing a SEARCH Project. The goal of the project is to provide good quality and healthy seedlings of appropriate fast-growing species (e.g. Albizia coriaria, Maesopsis eminii, Grevillea robusta and Guava fruit) to local actors. This is intended to address the great need for affordable seedlings of fast-growing species that can be integrated within the agroforestry systems by local farmers for improved yields and diversified products.

The project is based on the recognition that Uganda has seen a huge decline in the forested land which is likely to be completely depleted in 15 years if the trend goes on unchecked. Uganda’s tree cover declined from 24% of the total land area in 1990 (5 million Hectares) to a mere 9% in 2017, mainly due to the overexploitation of forests for farmland, fuel, and construction materials among others.

Therefore to achieve the project goal, the project intends to;

  • support St Simon Peters in maintaining the nursery and test fields  in 2020
  • establish the lighthouse community nurseries for trusted local farmer groups
  • establish the student-managed nurseries in vocational schools

Project Duration

June 2020 – May 2023

Overall Budget