Stay Trees: Sustainable Agroforestry for Uganda

Project Description

Uganda, a country in Eastern Africa and home to 42 million people, having  a rich and diverse resource base ranging from fertile soils, regular rainfall, rivers and lakes, forests, wetlands and natural resources. 90% of the country’s population works in agriculture and is heavily dependent on these natural resources. With 90% of Uganda’s population heavily relying on agriculture – both considering employment and nourishment – the pressure on essential livelihoods such as farmland, forests, and water grows steadily.  

Reforestation with fast growing local tree species is a solution with multiple benefits since primarily, it generates income for the local population and various stakeholders in the supply chain. Additionally, it revives degraded lands. Lastly, it is one of the most ecologically beneficial land use systems, contributing significantly to biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation. . The trees have a natural capacity to prevent soil erosion. This gives rise to the possibility of intercropping – planting cash crops amongst the trees. This combination creates so-called agroforestry systems.

The goal of this project is to reforest degraded areas of Western Uganda through sustainable community-based Agri-Input Enterprises. To achieve the goal, the project intends to;

  • Select and work with 5 local farmer organizations 
  • Construct 5 permanent tree nurseries at each of the 5 selected partner Organizations 
  • Identify and train 300 small scale farmers in “Good Agroforestry Practices” (GAP)
  • Train project partners’ Project Officers and Nursery Operators
  • Supply over 50,000 tree seedlings to farmers 
  • Select 100 lead farmers to serve as Trainers for future expansion and project sustainability.  

Once the set project outputs are successfully achieved, this project will be expanded during the coming years to benefit a larger share of local farmers and communities. 

This project is initiated by Stiftungsnetzwerk Region Stuttgart e.V. It is implemented and supervised by Fairventures Worldwide and the Stay-Stiftung für multiplikative Entwicklung cooperatively. 

Project Duration

January 2020 – December 2021

Total Budget


Project Partners