What we have achieved

Agroforestry Systems Indonesia

Indonesia Agroforestry systems with fruit trees and vegetables improving the livelihood of small farmers in Central Kalimantan Project Description ...

Moringa for All

Project Description The Teso Region is situated in northeastern Uganda. The majority of people are still living a traditional ...

Intercropping in planted forests


Drinking Water Supply in Developing Countries.

Non-Profit Study

Drinking water for Achocalla.


Vocational Training for workers in the informal sector.

Project Description Uganda (Background): Uganda – a landlocked country in the north of Lake Victoria – has a population ...

Strengthening Local Identities and Raising Cultural Awareness.

Project Description Background: Similar to other regions around the world, Central Kalimantan has been subject to the transformative power ...

Sustainable Building.


Vietnam: Promotion of Energy Efficient Buildings

Project Description Vietnam (Background): Vietnam is one of the most densely populated developing countries in the world, with 91 ...

Kenia: Fighting Hunger and Poverty with Moringa Cultivation

Project Description Background: The town Lokichoggio (15.000-18.000 inhabitants) is situated in the Northwest of Kenya close to the borders ...