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Fairventures has been active in Uganda for many years with individual, small projects. Thus we had to experience how quickly the remaining forests in Uganda disappeared. In 2016, according to the Ministry of the Environment of Uganda, only 9% of the country were still covered with forest. For comparison: according to NABU, the figure in Germany is 32% – almost 4 times as much.

This development and the fact that there is hardly any forest left in Uganda is dramatic. The population of this East African country is growing very rapidly. In addition, 90% of the Ugandans still cook traditionally with wood. This means, that the need for wood for cooking, but also for other areas of life, will continue to increase.

For these reasons, we decided in 2018 to transfer our successful approach from Indonesia – which combines sustainable reforestation, food production and value chain development – to Uganda. As a first step, it is particularly important for us to find reliable and strong partners and to identify suitable combinations of trees and catch crops. On this basis, we can develop models for large-scale afforestation.

Our country program in Uganda currently concentrates on the western, rural part of the country and consists of several closely linked projects:






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