Why Borneo?

The jungles of Borneo are home to orangutans, elephants and various wild cats. But this unique ecosystem is in jeopardy. Deforestation threatens animals and the livelihoods of local people, and contributes to exacerbating climate change. 

Since 2014, we have been operating our largest country program in Borneo with a clear objective in mind: The reforestation of degraded areas.

To achieve this, we put an emphasis on the local population. By teaching reforestation techniques and developing holistic value chains, we empower smallholders to generate a sustainable income on their own. Because it is only if we act together and also take economic aspects into account that we can protect the environment and combat climate change.

Join us on a journey to the tropical rainforest of Borneo and learn more about the reforestation concept of Fairventures.

Our reforestation concept is based on three pillars

We support smallholder farmers in reforesting their land with fast-growing, native tree species. We also provide support for a range of intercrops, food crops that farmers can grow between trees.

We work with companies in the timber and food industries to open up new sales opportunities for farmers, thereby creating sustainable value chains along the way.

We share the knowledge acquired by research and on the field and advise the Indonesian government on how reforestation can contribute to climate and species protection and economic development. 

What we have achieved (so far)

Fly to Borneo with us!

Explore the 100 Million Trees program using our interactive web map and keep track of the progress in our project area.

Planting and growing 100 million trees is no easy task. We are pursuing two parallel approaches to achieve this ambitious goal:

In our non-profit program, we support smallholder farmers to restore their land using a combination of trees and intercrops. The farmers receive intensive support all along the way from planting to selling the wood. You can support this program with a tree donation.

Fairventures Social Forestry, our for-profit sister company, works with communities on so-called social forestry areas and reforests them. Fairventures Social Forestry is financed using a sustainable investment model. Click on the logo above to get more information.