Organic Composting Training for Smallholders in Takaras and Bereng Jun


Permaculture Trainer Jayadi Paembonan with the smallholders

During the last 4 weeks, two training sessions about organic composting techniques for smallholders took place in the project villages of Takaras and Bereng Jun in the Sourthern region of the 1 Million Trees program. The permaculture trainer Jayadi Paembonan demonstrated techniques of composting and explained how farmers can use compost and wood debris to cover their vegetable beds. “Those procedures are really simple, yet inexpensive”, says Jayadi. “Grass, coffee grounds, leftover fruits and vegetables can be used for producing organic compost”, he explains to the group.

The compost enables the farmers to be more self-sustaining, acting as a natural fertilizer while protecting the soil from drying out and storing water for eggplants and chilies to absorb immediately. Not only vegetables can grow better, also the soil is improving through the natural compost.


Highschool student group from Takaras

Meanwhile, a high school student group from Takaras learned about the intercropping activities this year and decided to join the activities with their own school garden project. The students participated in both trainings during October and November, being highly interested in learning about the usage of natural garbage to fertilize their school garden. Students as well as smallholders were impressed by the simplicity of composting while appreciating the great benefit it offers on their own fields. An intergenerational example for recycling and sustainability in our program region!

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