Nurseries Ramp Up Seedling Production for Upcoming Planting Phase

Based on last year’s good experiences with the establishment of nurseries in the program area, we decided to push this year’s seedling production even closer to our farmers. Instead of four nurseries in the main villages of the program area, we will produce in eight nurseries this year. They are spread strategically across the whole program area, thus the distance to each field is only a few kilometers. The nurseries will each produce between 20.000 and 70.000 in accordance with the number of farmers in the respective location. We are encouraging them to work as independent enterprises: the operators receive a loan to buy tools and materials and subsequent return it in seedlings. The payment depends on the number of seedlings that are produced according to our quality standards. We support the operators in balancing investments, operational costs and expected revenue. This way, we kick-start prospering small enterprises in the project area.

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