Numerous Moringa trees planted at schools and health centres

During the last months, TECOMA, our local project partner in the Teso-region (Uganda), has established about 14 partnerships with schools and health centers. As a result, so-called “Moringa Clubs” have been formed and with the beginning of the raining season, Moringa demonstration gardens were established. On-site as well was our project officer Felix Siebel and both he and Tecoma have accompanied this process and supported with training sessions.

The objective of the partnerships with schools and health centers is to improve the food security within the respective institutions and their direct environment. For instance, the daily diet at schools is often very unbalanced. In many cases, the students eat only beans each day which causes malnutrition in the long term. Therefore, Moringa can contribute to a healthy and balanced nutrition with its unique diversity of nutrients while it is also excellently suited to strengthen the immune system of patients at health centers.

Almost every Ugandan knows the “miracle tree” Moringa. However, the use and consumption of Moringa products is nearly nonexistent. Especially, people do not know about its nutritional value although the taste of Moringa leaves is very similar to locally consumed, spinach-like green vegetables, which are regarded as a delicacy. Consequently, Moringa is not only very healthy, but also fits very well into the Ugandan food culture.

Although there are few resources for the project activities, TECOMA and especially our project manager Itiamat George William perform excellent work. Therefore, we are preparing a follow-up of the project for next year together. Even though great success has been achieved until now, it is obviously still a long way to go to reach a steady food security in the Teso region of Uganda.

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