Moringa project in Lokichogio: Successes and the challenge of sustainability

One of our two moringa projects reaches the final project stage. The project in Lokichogio in Kenya successfully (re)introduced the nutrient-rich moringa plant as an important food supplement in the project region and informed the local population about the advantages of moringa. It trained people how to plant, harvest, process and use moringa, prepared local infrastructure to plant moringa and built a drying facility in order to produce dried leaves and moringa powder.

In the last training in February, TECOMA trainer George William and project manager Isaac Githu will develop a sustainability strategy that will enable stakeholders in the project region to proceed with moringa planting and consumption after the project’s end in March.

In order to achieve sustainability, it is very important to distribute more moringa seeds to stakeholders and small farmers. The project welcomes every additional funding for this project activity in order to distribute more seeds.

Please feel free to donate any small amount you would like to support the people in Lokichogio!

Thank you very much.


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