Moringa project in Lokichoggio: Steps towards sustainability

In the fifth training at the end of February, TECOMA trainer George William and project manager Isaac Githu finalized the sustainability strategy of the project and trained the trainees in their role as multipliers.

We successfully implemented the theory in practice: The trainees visited schools, health centers and community meetings in order to inform adults, sick people, pupils and children about Moringa and its advantages. This awareness raising reached a few hundred people of the community.

In order to foster the sustainability of the project, 30 kg of high quality Moringa seeds were imported to Lokichoggio by TECOMA. Some seeds were distributed to the local population, the others were planted so that seedlings can be either distributed to stakeholders or be planted on the AMCODI fields in future. This planting is very important due to the fact that some of the Moringa plants died or were weakened because of a drought in February.

In order to contain the negative effects of droughts in the future, Fairventures is currently collecting money to buy a water pump for AMCODI. Please feel free to donate any small amount with which you would like to support the people in Lokichoggio!

Thank you very much.

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