Launch of the Sengon Processing

Since the beginning of 1m Trees you could learn here, that we are planting fast-growing tree species with farmers from three villages in Central Kalimantan. The farmers receive training and we distribute seedlings. In the course of the program, we would like to strengthen the local value chain and establish a processing industry with saw mills and the production of technical wood products like block boards and plywood.

In preparation for the program line “processing” we would like to know more about the lightwood business in Indonesia. Thus we are happy to welcome Adam Themessl to the team. Adam is a student of the Bern University of Applied Sciences for Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering and is joining us for an internship integrated in his study program. In the coming year, he will conduct research on the Indonesian wood processing sector and visit selected companies to learn about existing products and innovations. For starters though, we have put his practical skills to good use and produced a second set of 1m Trees pencils from Sengon branches. A couple of kids watched us with pleasure during the collection of the branches. These pencils are a good example for the manifold uses we would like to explore for the timbers.

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