Successful Information Meetings about Intercropping

In March this year, the intercropping project within the scope of the 1 Million Trees program in Borneo has started. On degraded fields where fast-growing wood species have been planted already, vegetables and other crops will be planted now in free interspaces between those trees. As a consequence, smallholders are able to harvest the respective intercrops during the time of circulation of the trees and thus can improve their own food supply while additionally raising their income by selling a part of their harvest.

During the previous weeks the project team organized first information and socialization meetings. So far, interested smallholders in three of the project villages, Tumbang Talaken, Bereng Jun and Takaras, were able to receive information and share ideas about the intercropping concepts. Overall, 70 smallholder families will participate in the project and plant intercrops on 70 hectares of land.

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