Indonesian Pioneer of the Timber Industry Visits the 1 Million Trees Program Area

Indonesia’s innovative entrepreneur and Woodlam founder, Jeshua Sadeli, visited the smallholders in the 1 Million Trees program area from Fairventures Worldwide in Central Kalimantan to introduce and share his experience with local lightwoods in the construction industry.

Jeshua Sadeli (in front) during his presentation

The focus of his presentation was the potential of lightwood such as Sengon as construction timber and his previous activities in this area. His visit to the program area was very enriching and motivating for the smallholders, because the exchange with a potential buyer of lightwood, which is planted on their fields, and the insights into the promising future of the lightwood industry clearly encouraged the participants. Sadeli himself is very interested in sourcing timber from the 1 Million Trees program in the future and using the material for high-quality timber construction.

Woodlam Indonesia is the first producer of high-quality construction products from local timber species. Their mission is to revolutionize the national timber industry together with architects, building contractors and users who value timber as a living and breathing natural resource.

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