From the Nursery to the Field – How the New Seedlings are Planted


Daughter of Suhadi

During the last three days of November, 6250 seedlings found their way already from Suhadi’s nursery in Talaken to the fields. This year, many smallholders took the responsibility to choose, pack and transport their seedlings by themselves. Even the youngest helped to load the trucks with 250 to 500 seedlings to deliver them to the fields.



Timan Adar

Jonie and Timan Adar are two smallholders, whose fields are located remotely from the streets, so



they came by themselves to pick up their seedlings. For Timan Adar it is the first year to participate in the One Million Trees program. He cut his field free from grass and fern to prepare 500 holes for the planting. Our training manager Yuda helped him and his assistant to remember the crucial details of the planting techniques.

Jonie is planting 500 seedlings on his 0.5 ha large site as well. While he is working as a teacher in the mornings, he is taking care of his field during the afternoon to make sure that his Sengon trees and veggies are growing well.

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