Fairventures Worldwide is awarded during the World Climate Conference in Bonn and receives a prize for the reforestation approach within the frame of the 1 Million Trees Program in Borneo.

During the World Climate Conference in Bonn on 14.11.17, the award ceremony of this year’s Solution Search Competition „Farming for Biodiversity“ took place. Out of 338 projects submitted worldwide, Fairventures Worldwide won the category prize for “Social/Community Impact” with the 1 Million Trees Program in Borneo, Indonesia. An award that recognizes the program’s approach with the highest added value for the indigenous communities in Central Kalimantan (Borneo).

By environmental and biodiversity conservation, Fairventures‘ reforestation program improves the incomes for local people by planting fast growing timber species, fruit trees and vegetables on degraded fields. The families strengthen their income, improve their diet, make fallow land fertile again and thus can protect the remaining rainforest.


Further information can be also found here: International Climate Initiative.

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