1mTrees Gearing up for last Plantings in 2015

The whole project team of 1m Trees is busily working on the preparations for the upcoming plantings in 2015. Seedlings are currently growing in the nurseries and will be ready for planting in December and January. Until then, there is still a lot of work to do. Last year’s plantings have to be measured, new farmers have to be approached to join the program and trainings have to be prepared. After the previous plantings of 2015 we have learned which soil types are most suitable, how to adapt the procedures from Java to the conditions in Kalimantan and how to stimulate growth with the right techniques. This knowledge will be combined with our experts’ input to compile a comprehensive planter’s manual.
In addition, we are preparing a new monitoring system that ensures that we can access all information at the same time as well as share this information with you, our followers and supporters. More information about this will be posted on our website shortly.

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